Avoiding Destop Drama – Houston IT consulting

While many small businesses beat the bushes to sign on any customers they can, Victor Grinshtein takes the opposite approach for his remote information technology support company.


He only takes on clients that he sees as a good fit, and in fact, has even gone as far as “firing” some of them.

Since starting Xvand Technology Corp. in June 2000, Grinshtein has focused more on building the right kind of customer base and less on aggressive growth.

Xvand serves as an outsourced IT department of sorts for small and medium-sized companies, housing clients’ data on its servers and offering testing, upgrades, system back-ups, installations, roll-outs and a help desk. The company charges fees based on a per-user, per-month model.

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Can Prioritizing IT Lead to Increased Revenue?

In a study conducted by analyst firm Freeform Dynamics, more than 40% of small and medium-sized businesses that use hosted or cloud technology reported revenue rises of 30 % or more while 90 % of respondents not using hosted technology saw decreases in revenue.

Benefits of Utility and Cloud Computing

Firms enjoy the pay-as-you-go economics because it keeps cash in the bank longer. Additional business benefits include:

·         Accelerated Speed to Market: Starting with a prebuilt, enterprise-level IT foundation allows clients to accelerate launch times of projects and businesses

·         Lower Financial Risk: Reduce the risks of on-premise solutions that require upfront capital expenses with an uncertain payoff

·         Greater Financial Visibility: A cloud-based managed service provider helps executives more accurately forecast the costs of adding new users or locations.

·         Better Cash Flow:  Avoid assuming debt and keeping cash in the company longer

·         Free up Internal Resources to focus on innovations that drive business instead of daily trouble-shooting


·         IsUtility® , a Houston IT firm leading the charge for utility and cloud computing services, backed by 16 years of research and proven client implementation.

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Information Technology As A Utility


via Information Technology As A Utility.

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6 Elements in Finding an IT Partner You Can Trust

According to independent telecom consultant, Simon Telecom (www.simontele.com), the following are crucial elements when considering an IT partner that you can trust to manage your IT requirements:

1.       technical resources and certifications

2.       secure environment with built-in disaster recovery

3.       experience with similar businesses to your own

4.       a cost structure that makes it an attractive alternative to managing in-house

5.       service levels with pre-defined penalties for failure

6.       managed exit clause in case things don’t work out!

For more advice in finding an IT consultant that works for you, please feel free to contact us.

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Firms Involved in Legal Disputes Should Be On the “Lookout” for Phishers

Here’s another warning sign to firms involved in legal disputes to beware of malicious cyber-attacks.

According to a recent article in Network World, the law firm representing a U.S. company involved in a legal dispute over China’s Green Dam censorship software says it was targeted with a sophisticated online attack this week, similar to the one reported by Google Tuesday.

Employees at the firm began receiving well-crafted e-mail messages that appeared to come from other company staffers. The messages tried to get the victims to either open a malicious attachment or visit a Web site that hosted attack code. "It came from email addresses that people would recognize as internal to the firm, and the attempt was to make it seem like everyday stuff," said Elliot Gipson, an attorney with the company.

Thankfully none of the firm’s employee took the bait. he said. 

Takeaway: We strongly recommend that you warn your employees not to click on links or open attachments that come with suspicious-looking email. For more information on phishing scams read our blog article on network security or contact your IT provider.

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Security Alert: Beware of Outlook Phishing Attacks

Aggressive phishing campaign spoofing Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access

Be aware of an phishing email campaign that invites you to "apply a new set of settings" to your mailboxes because of a recent "security upgrade" of their mailing service. 

Do NOT click on this email!

If you receive an email similar to the one pictured, please do NOT click on it. This is a phishing scam aimed at executing a virus similar to the recent H1N1 and Facebook phishing attacks.

  • For more information on the phishing scheme, see this article. 
  • For updated advice on phishing, check the IsUtility® blog 

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Security Alert: If You Shop Online, Beware of Phishing Attacks

Hackers are using ‘low-cost shopping’ emails and websites to embed malicious software and steal credit card numbers

If you’re planning some eleventh-hour online shopping, please be aware of a recent string of cyber-crimes (known as ‘phishing’) that has caused many unknowing victims to surrender their identities and credit card numbers to hackers and other criminals.

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